The onerous and secure way to receive, transfer, save and exchange digital currency. Easy, comfortable and reliable.

    Stable access to your cryptocurrency at any time and from any place. Anonymously and without unnecessary trouble. You can be absolutely calm, because your money is protected by the safest wallet.


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  • This is the maximum security. BeWalle allows all its customers to acquire, sell, transfer or save cryptocurrency absolutely securely and anonymously. Under any circumstances, the digital money of Bewalle customers remains safe, protected by the most reliable digital wallet, completely immune to external attacks.
  • This is a comfortable voice verification. BeWalle applies advanced customer verification technology with voice. Successful introduction of this innovation allows our customers to free themselves from the need to remember passwords and secret words. In addition, even if an intruder takes possession of your personal data, your cryptocurrency will remain safe due to the fact that only you can pass the voice verification.
  • This is professional advice. BeWalle is a supporter of the opinion that only a living person, a professional, is able to clearly understand the problem of the client and provide all necessary assistance in case of any difficulty or an incomprehensible situation. Recognizing all the obvious advantages of modern bots, Bewalle believes that they cannot display the necessary flexibility and individual approach to each client with his unique problems and needs.

Comfortable transfers

BeWalle is comfortable to use and easy to understand cryptocurrency wallet. You will not be inconvenienced trying to translate your cryptocurrency.

Full reliability

Attempts to break into BeWalle are absolutely meaningless. All information is carefully encrypted, using an SSL connection over the HTTPS protocol only with verified IP.  

Customer support

BeWalle support service works around the clock. Our professionals are always ready to provide you with prompt and qualified assistance.

Easy registration

Creating a wallet in BeWalle is completely simple and does not require any effort from you. Just spend a couple of minutes to join BeWalle.
  • Risk managment

    Risk management is a professional level professional service that requires high qualification, which makes it possible to guarantee high profits with comparable risks. We constantly help our customers and work closely together in the process.
  • Investment activities

    The investment plans developed by BeWalle allow our clients maximum profit. You will be able to choose the optimal investment plan for you, optimal for the risk level and profitability level. We are constantly working to ensure that you get the maximum profit and become a professional investor.
  • Investing in cryptocurrency

    Investing in a cryptocurrency allows an investor to make a significant profit in the dynamic digital currency market. BeWalle offers its customers mutually beneficial trading conditions for profitable and safe investment. By joining BeWalle today, tomorrow you can get a stable and secure profit.
  • Wallet control

    The wallet provided by BeWalle is absolutely safe and secure. BeWalle ensures that our customers' money is safe. In any eventuality, the money of our clients will remain safe and sound.

BeWalle - one of the best cryptocurrency wallets

BeWalle is an advanced blockchain technology company. BeWalle provides cryptocurrency wallet services, and in addition provides digital and fiat currency exchange. The BeWalle cryptocurrency wallet is available to customers at any place and any time, only Internet access is required. But it is security and stability that are key to BeWalle, so we use the best encryption algorithms and innovative information technologies.

BeWalle Team

BeWalle is one of the most stable and dynamically developing crypto companies. We enable many people to easily, comfortably acquire, sell, transfer and save digital currency.

BeWalle - a team of professionals!

BeWalle is a team of the best specialists, talented and motivated to create the best software products and investment proposals for our clients. BeWalle aims to develop advanced offers and take blockchain technology to a fundamentally new level. We offer everyone to take their financial future into their own hands and secure a stable and safe passive profit. BeWalle guarantees the highest possible security and complete anonymity to its customers. Support for communication with customers for flexible adaptation of our products to their requirements and needs does not remain out of the agenda.


  • Cryptocurrency - what is it?
    Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency, the creation and control of which is based on cryptographic methods. Cryptocurrency does not have a centralized body of accounting and control. Cryptocurrency operates on the basis of blockchain technology, directed acyclic graph, consensus registry (ledger) and others. Cryptocurrency is absolutely safe and anonymous, while retaining the ability to check the entire chain of transactions.
  • How to buy cryptocurrency?
    Purchase cryptocurrency is quite simple. It is enough to deposit your money on a personal account, after which the client can purchase any available cryptocurrency. After that, the requested cryptocurrency will be transferred to the client's cryptocurrency account. BeWalle gives its customers the opportunity to buy any cryptocurrency, either directly on the market or from exchange.
  • What personal information does a BeWalle customer require?
    Adhering to the Law on Combating Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism, BeWalle requires its clients to provide some personal data to confirm academic records. A full list of the required documents is presented on bewalle.com website when choosing banking services. place of residence and a document confirming the ownership of a bank account, card or other method of payment. BeWalle guarantees complete security received s of the customer data, using advanced encryption methods.
  • Why should you provide your data?
    BeWalle is interested in maximally preventing fraudulent activities and clearly fulfills the requirements of AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (“Know Your Customer”) policies.
  • What payment systems are used?
    We use an absolutely safe three-factor payment, guaranteeing customers the security of both personal data and funds. The international systems Visa, MasterCard are used, as well as bank transfers, as well as transfers from crypto wallet.
  • Why fluctuate prices for cryptocurrency?
    The price of cryptocurrency fluctuates under the influence of a number of reasons. The most important factor is the ease of cashing cryptocurrencies. The easier it is to cash a cryptocurrency, the more expensive it is.
  • How to trade cryptocurrency profitable?
    Now the most profitable option to trade cryptocurrency is trading for the price difference (CFD). It is assumed short-term opening of positions for the purchase or sale, based on the current price.
  • CFD cryptocurrency features?
    Using CFD (Contract for Difference), a client can open a short-term position to buy or sell based on the current price. In addition, it is possible to use leverage, which can multiply the amount of invested funds. Which in turn increases the risk, because the possible losses are also growing.
  • What is BeWalle better than others?
    Investing in cryptocurrency allows you to get a large and relatively stable profit in a fairly short time. Nevertheless, all experts continue to insist on the need to diversify investments to reduce risks. BeWalle allows its clients to take full advantage of investing in cryptocurrency using a large number of tools and methods, flexibly adjusting to the needs of each client. Any possible misunderstandings and difficulties will be immediately resolved as soon as possible by the highly qualified BeWalle support service, which is ready to help customers 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can work with the best traders, professionals in various aspects and trading methods. Every BeWalle customer will be able to find exactly what they need.